Where's my tram? From which platform does that bus depart? Are other lines still running properly? When will this bus arrive at that stop? Did I just miss my bus because it left too early, or is it late and should I wait? Now, it's easy to answer these questions, and many more, with Openbaar Vervoer: the app for up to date status of Dutch public transport. With Openbaar Vervoer, real time data for over 3.000 Dutch public transport lines is just a tap away.

Trip overview

Overviews of lines and stops


Openbaar Vervoer helps you find real time data in two different ways: based on nearby stops, and trips departing from there, or based on lines, showing you a complete overview of all trips of a line. This way, it's always easy to find the data you need.


At this time Openbaar Vervoer has real time data for Arriva, Breng, Connexxion, EBS, GVB, Hermes, HTM, Qbuzz, RET, Syntus, U-OV and Veolia. Trains are not available at this time. For some transport companies, only some of their lines are available: check our full list of supported lines for details.

The transport companies are in no way responsible for the development or functionality of this app.

Supported transport companies

and more...

Stop locations

Never miss another bus because you were at the wrong stop: Openbaar Vervoer shows exactly where the bus will stop, including platform information, where applicable.

Route changes

During events, maintenance and other planned changes in public transport, Openbaar Vervoer keeps you updated with all current routes and destinations.


For every line, trip and stop, Openbaar Vervoer shows whether it's wheelchair accessible, if the transport company provides this data.


Openbaar Vervoer supports VoiceOver, so that pleasant traveling with public transport is also available to visually impaired people.


  • Our testers give high ratings for this app. They are very happy about speed, stability and easy of use. - Rover testpanel (translated)

  • … a lot of focus has been put into making an app that looks nice, while also making sure it is easy to use. - iPhoneclub review (translated)

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